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Daily Notice. Just in case.
EDIT 6/27/2017: It went really well! I don't think I'll need to resort to skipping any dailies, thankfully. And thank you guys so much for the well wishes :aww:
Hey guys,
Sorry for making a post about something like this, I’m just covering myself in the event that I may mess this up.
I have to have my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning. As a result, if I don’t manage to send in a daily within the next few days due to any of that hoopla, I’m going to count it as a medical emergency. Since I’ve started dailies 1678 days ago, I had the rule that I had to restart back to Day 1. if I missed the 12:00 deadline with the exception of unavoidable circumstances like this.
Sorry again for the post, I know it’s kind of silly. :) Juuuust making sure, and I’m going to try to have the dailies done regardless. I’ll deal with Monday’s daily in the morning.
Thanks guys!
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Rats of the Farther Future
part 1: (…)

Many millions of years from now, humans have abandoned Earth in favor of new worlds. While many extinct species were left in their wake, there were also survivors. Among them were rats.

Marerattus caudicalvitus (Sea Rat with a naked tail)- This aquatic hunter swims through the ocean with its powerful hind legs and tail, steering with its reduced front limbs. To facilitate its lifestyle its nostrils have migrated to the top of its head.

Xenorattus cruratenui (Alien Rat with thin legs)-
When humans left Earth, several ships carried rats for experimentation and
food. However, due to a minor oversight, many escaped onto a planet with much lesser gravity than Earth's. Soon they outcompeted many native creatures and spread into numerous niches. Some, like this one, developed into long legged grazers.

Prodentursus Bruno (brown Front Toothed Bear)-
With many traditional carnivores wiped out, several species of carnivorous rat took over the role. One of them is a large predator primarily built for ambush attacks. Its incisors have become tools for slicing meat similar to the marsupial Thylacoleo.

Picudentus sagittacephalus (Woodpecker tooth with a crested head)-
One of the most drastically diverging rat groups is the "woodpecker rats." These creatures have adopted a lifestyle converging with woodpeckers and Aye-ayes. Their second digit has developed into a tool for detecting and fishing out insects from wood, while their incisors protrude forward to form a pseudo-beak. These teeth grow throughout their lives but are constantly worn down by chiseling wood.
Shadow Fisher
A smaller Avithere (about 5 ft. long), this creature hunts its prey in shallow rivers/ponds. Despite its large "wings" it lacks the musculature necessary for flight. Instead it uses them to create a shaded area to reduce glare on the water while hunting. When it needs to move quickly, it runs.
The One True Batman
I don't know about the rest of you, but Adam West was my first introduction to superheroes. I remember stumbling across reruns of his show years ago and being hooked. Was it stupid? Sure. Was it campy? Absolutely. But it sure as all heck was entertaining.

Now everybody Batusi!
Random Amalgam: Doom's Mariner
next up: Doomsday/ Namor the submariner

Many millennia ago, an Atlantean scientist began a secret project to create the ultimate lifeform. After years of experimentation he succeed, but was stopped before his creation was released. His monster lay dormant at the bottom of the ocean until it was awakened to terrorize the world.

powers: flight, super strength, regeneration, spiked armor, super speed/ greater super strength in water
Random Amalgam: Captain Raven
next up Raven/ Captain America

In World War II, a secret government project attempted to use magic to create the perfect fighter. The only survivor was a young girl code-named Raven. However, near the end of the war she vanished and was presumed dead. 70 years later she was discovered in a magical stasis.

Powers: flight, enhanced strength, can generate a magical shield to be used as defense and a weapon.
Random Amalgam: Captain Panther
next up: Captain Marvel/Black Panther

When a young T'challa of Wakanda aided an elderly man at his own expense. This man revealed himself to be an ancient Wizard who gifted him with incredible power. With the magic word SHAZAM, he could transform into a powerful superhero.

Powers: flight, super strength, razor sharp claws, enhanced senses, summoning lightning
Lesser Anvil Beak
Despite its name it is not closely related to the Greater Anvil Beak (…) This creature is a semiaquatic predator of mollusk-like sea creatures. It uses the large claw on its front limbs to claw its prey out of crevasses and its beak to crack their shells.


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